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Welcome to potential buyer. is the perfect place to buy a horse online. The decision to buy a horse is one to be taken very seriously.  Whether you are looking to buy your first horse, buy your child their first horse, add to your current stock, start a new discipline, or for breeding, the decision should be thought out carefully from A-Z.  Buying a horse is an exciting event and should be surrounded with positive experiences. 

The number one mistake buyers make is naively believing the cost of purchasing the horse will be the biggest investment.  You must carefully weigh all the costs that come with owning a horse. Other costs you should consider might include boarding the horse, lessons, farriers, vet bills, tack, and equipment, along with any  training or competition costs.  Due to the fluctuation of these costs among different geographical locations and level of quality available, it is a good idea to seek local advice when determining a budget, perhaps a trainer or a friend that owns a horse in your area.

When you reach the point where you are committed and prepared to take on the financial responsibilities of horse ownership, the next step is to determine exactly what you are looking for.  Start by sitting down and writing a list of traits you require in your new horse.  When you start to write the buying list first consider what level of a rider you are and what you will use this horse for.  If you intend to compete in dressage or jumping, settling on an older trail horse will not do and you will eventually be disappointed in your purchase, even if the horse is sweet with great bloodlines.  Location is also another factor to consider right from the beginning.  When talking about a location factor it is to define your distance limit.  You need to ask yourself if you are willing to buy from a country outside the one you currently reside.  Horses are priced on a different scale in different countries/parts of the world.  When considering your distance constraints you also must keep in mind whether you will personally travel to see the horse, send someone you trust, or rely on videos and records.  Another consideration is the shipment of your horse, if the horse is located too far for you to collect yourself.  After you have completed your list go back through and highlight “not negotiable” items.  This will help you later when you have found a horse which is almost perfect yet possesses one of the not negotiable items or attributes and should be avoided. 

Once you have completed your research and set your parameters, you are ready to start looking. Buyers are often tempted to look at horses that are out of their price range, but doing so only wastes the buyer and sellers time.  Where there is usually some room for negotiation in the sale price, contacting any seller that is 25% or more over your budget often ends with the buyer and seller walking away with no deal to have been made.  When showing interest in any listing online you can contact the seller via email, messaging system or phone.  At our highly functional messaging system is often the preference of communication to begin with.  The social media of the seller is available on as well including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.  

After you have selected your dream horse it is highly recommend to have a vet check performed, even if the seller offers a complete health background. Choosing a veterinarian that has not seen the horse before is advisable.

If carried out correctly the entire process of locating your perfect horse can be fun, stress free, and have a pleasant ending.  If you have any other questions please send them to

Welcome to potential seller. Perhaps you have outgrown the abilities of your current horse, changed disciplines, or are just selling your stock after a good breeding season.  If you’re thinking of selling your horse, here are a few tips to make the process easy and efficient. It is important before you to decide to list your horse you are fully prepared and completely confident you are ready to sell, otherwise you are wasting not only your time but also the time of any potential buyer

First you must determine a price that is reasonable and will enable you to sell your horse fast and to a good home.  When deciding to market a horse a mistake made by many is using sentimental value as opposed to real market value.  It is important you detach yourself and price your horse with a realistic and accurate price. Conducting research on similar types of horses in the market is a good way to set your price markers by comparing experience, training, age, bloodlines, location and any outstanding awards. Another reliable assistance would be to seek the advice of a professional trainer.  The price of the horse is not always listed when marketing online.  

Photos and videos are vital parts of selling your horse online. Top quality photos and videos are highly suggested.

A successful picture for an online advertisement would showcase a clean horse in an appropriate stance according to their breed/specialty.   Additional photos of the horse in action both with and without the rider will successfully show the horses different gaits (walk, trot, and canter).  With an online listing photos are good but videos are even better. Videos are become a very popular marketing tool in the equine community, as a video helps the potential buyer to get a better feel of the horse after seeing the equine in motion. 

After determining a price and providing quality pictures and videos the next move is listing your horse online. allows you to list your horse for sale virtually hassle free in 3 easy steps.

  1. Log in to your account and choose the Create Listing button
  2. Choose which type of listing you would like to post
  3. Enter the information, pictures and vides
  4. Confirm and await feedback/approval from our administrative team

Horse Connector offers unlimited text in the description area of the listing, it is recommended you take full advantage of this opportunity.  The more information you put in your listing the longer the potential buyer will stay on your page and the more they will learn about your horse.  

Often buyers are looking specifically for a horse suitable for a child rider, adult rider, professional rider, or perhaps an all-rounder. You should list all areas your horse is competent in as well as ones that your horse might be considered a prospect for in the future. In the listing you should include all the aspects that made you buy your horse in the first place a few example might include physical attributes that make your horse stand out in a crowd, special charisma in the show ring, or certain kind-heartedness towards children or elderly.  You should mention show records, any certificates and achievements, along with registration papers and pedigrees.

Before submitting your listing be sure you have fully completed your Contact Details in your personal account. Once a horse buyer is registered with they have access to the details you listed for your farm/stables/and personal. Buyers can send a message through the website or they can access your direct details. It is important your contact details are correct and up to date. You can update your contact details anytime in your account.

After a buyer reads your listing they should feel as though they have met you and your. Remember the more information you provide the more interested a buyer will be.  Keeping your listing friendly, informative, honest, and professional to promote success.

In the equine world international transactions are becoming increasingly popular. is the perfect platform to reach your target market with the click of a button.